Multiple ring buffer for overlapping polygons.

11-12-2020 06:40 AM
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I am trying to create donut shaped buffers using the multiple ring buffer tool in ArcMap 10.8 for a set of overlapping polygons. Using the tool standalone produces multipart donuts with the attributes from the input polygons not getting carried over. 

Hence, I tried 2 methods:

1. Access individual polygons, create the donuts and perform a spatial join to transfer the input polygon attributes onto the donuts.--> Results in almost correct attribute assignment except that it decides to skip assigning attributes to a few largest diameter donuts.

2. Access individual polygons, create donuts and use update cursor to assign the attributes. --> Results in correct attribute assignment but messes the donut shapes.

I have attached the 2 scripts. Could anyone please help me out in understanding why either of the above behaviors are occurring?




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Update: Adding an SQL query to the Join feature layer gives correct attribute assignment except for skipping just the first polygon.

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