Moving a Point Feature to a New X, Y Coordinate Using Field Calculator

08-07-2014 06:44 AM
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Good morning,

I have been having some issues with a field calculation to redefine my X, Y values from a table import. I have a script saved but it is not working for me anymore and I keep getting the ERROR 000539: SyntaxError: invalid syntax (<expression>, line 1).

I am running Arc 10.1

I have fields named X and Y.

I begin editing select my Shape* field and select Field Calculator.

Create my Python script in the codeblock.

def movePoint(shape,X,Y):

point = shape.getPart(0)

point.X = X

point.Y = Y

return point

SHAPE = movePoint( !SHAPE!, !X!, !Y! )

Normally this was working for me but I have only been getting errors trying to run it on this dataset.

Thanks in advance.

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