Modelbuilder:  Keep Iteration Selection to Clip

10-30-2013 09:08 AM
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In Modelbuilder (ArcMap 10.0), I am iterating through polygon features (Project Areas) to then select any smaller polygon features (Parcels) that have their centroid in the larger polygon.  As each large polygon is selected along with it's related smaller polygons, I need to clip the larger down to the limits of the set of smaller selected polygons. 

I have a few issues I need help with:

1. Running just the iteration selection seems to grab the large polygon, but not actually select it.  Therefore, it appears that I cannot use that selected feature later on during the same loop iteration to clip it.  It does select the smaller polygons I need, and I can view that in the map.

2. Clip doesn't do anything because it doesn't see the selection of the larger polygon at that point.

3. Clip appears to create a brand new feature class.  I need to actually clip the existing large polygon feature in it's existing feature class, not make a new one. 

Note:  after clipping the larger polygon, I'll need to merge it with the shape of the smaller polygons (multi-part), all within the original feature class.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve these issues?  Please see the attached screenshot of my model, so far.
Thank you.
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