Model- Field Calculation taking longer for an attribute of the same type on .sde

09-28-2012 06:27 AM
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I have produced a model that joins a streets feature class in a network data set to a master roads feature class. I have a field in the master roads layer ???Updated??? that I input ???Yes??? when changed. So it Joins, selects ???Updated=Yes??? and then updates each attribute field with the master roads attribute data. While joined, I update the network data sets values with the master roads layer for attributes such as MaxLength, MaxHeight, MaxWidth, MaxWeight, etc.. My issue is that each of the calculations takes about 65-80 seconds, but the second field calculation in the model takes 10 minutes regardless of the field. It was the MaxWeight calculate that is no different than any of the other height, length or width fields. I even took the MaxWeight out and then it took 10 minutes to calculate the MaxWidth field. I have run this same model locally on my computer and this 10 minute calculate was not an only happens while running  on the .sde server.

So my question is???why is this field calculate location taking so long?
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