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01-10-2021 07:58 PM
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I have two sets of data (1) folder containing feature point data that has the value field "count" (2) the same folder has raster (grid) files of euclidean distance. I need to perform map algebra in raster calc for a group of both point and raster files.

"count" value from the point features / Euclidean Distance raster

We attempted to do this by using Model builder through the use of sub-models and iterators. We have made three models namely- one for feature iteration, one for raster iteration, and one main model which will combine the previous two sub-models and use a raster calculator to calculate the equation (1).

What I want out of this is the model must take the value "count" of the point feature and divide it by distance raster (Euclidean distance) and store it in the output folder, similarly must iterate for every point value. [ 1000n /distance raster(1000n) ]

The two sub-models-raster and feature iterators work as they are supposed to ( I think )? But I am unable to combine these two to make the final model work?! I really appreciate it if you could render some insights on this.

I'm worried I need to work on this for a project. Please help...

Thank you once again!

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I presume this thread is also you?

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