Model Builder Tools slow to open

02-04-2021 01:12 PM
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I am working in Pro and developed a fairly lengthy model builder process for one set of points, and now want to re-use the model for another set of points. I would normally open the model and start repointing the inputs/outputs into a different geodatabase. For some reason, each of the tools in the model takes about 2 minutes to open and change the output geodatabase and feature class name. This does not happen with other models I have built. I am trying to figure out why this model is different. 

Has anyone ever seen this slow down when it comes to opening individual tools within a model builder process?  Just looking for a quick fix, I do not want to start tracing back all the system configurations, etc.  I can have the model rebuilt in half a day at this speed. Not fun work but not impossible. 



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Having the same problems with model builder in Pro 2.7- did you find a solution? Opening some tools is excruciatingly slow, others go fairly quickly. The model runs as expected in a timely manner.

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