Model Builder - Tables removed from GDB on Completion

03-15-2013 01:13 PM
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I'm having an issue with a Model Builder routine I've put together.  The first issue I've noticed is that when building the model and testing it using the 'Run Entire Model' tool from the Model dropdown everything would run perfectly.  All of the features and tables would appear in my geodatabase as expected.  Of course while running my model within Model Builder I'm not able to take advantage of the 'Model Parameters' I've set up.  So that's a problem but one that I can manage while developing the tool.  Once the model is complete I double click the model within the geodatabase to run it.  This prompts me with the parameters I've set up, I make the changes, and run it.  Everything appears to work fine but just before it completes the tables that are generated disappear/delete.  Any ideas?

Here are some details on the data and versions.

Windows 7 @ 64bit

The geodatabase is attached with the model. 

Appreciate the help,
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