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model builder - spatial join does not work

11-05-2013 11:36 PM
New Contributor

I try to join the data of many (100!) feature classes of an geodatabase to a target layer called "Wildnisgebiete_pnVSaplten". So I created a Model that looks like this [ATTACH=CONFIG]28893[/ATTACH]
I also wanted the model to create a SUM-Field of Shape_area_field of every input feature class. So I choosed the rules like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]28894[/ATTACH] while "ha" ist standing for hectares (I calculated before).

But I do not get the results I expected. Instead of one Layer containing all polygons of the Target layer (244), that should have columns for every input feature class telling me the SUM of hectares that fall (or do not fall) into the target layer, the Model aborts after the first spatial join and it seems that it did not summarize the hectares for that one. What is wrong with my model?

I would be very pleased if someone could help me!!!
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