Model Builder: Selecting multiple input files

11-06-2013 10:01 AM
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I'm trying to use model builder to clip multiple rasters existing in Tiff format using a polygon extent. All 167 rasters are in a single folder on my hardrive. I created a list of the files as an excel file, indicating their full path. I then created an input variable in model builder as 'raster data layer' and selected 'A list of values' in properties. I opened the raster layer and tried to use 'Insert values from a table' to select all 167 files. This does not work and nothing gets added.

Am I doing something wrong? I tried the same using the list saved as CSV and Text files, but neither works. I'm also unable to copy the entire list and paste it into the datafield. I tried changing the variable type to 'Raster Dataset', but that doesn't work either.

Any help will be appreciated,

PS: I'm attaching the excel file containing the list of input files
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You could use "Iterate Rasters (ModelBuilder)". Some more explanation can be found in this topic: "Examples of using iterators in ModelBuilder (Iterate Rasters)".

Also "A quick tour of using iterators" may be interesting.

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