Model Builder - Join Feature Classes to Polygon Grid and keep ID

03-02-2023 07:12 AM
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I use model builder with an iterator to select overlapping areas of one shapefile with a polygon grid. This part already works.

The resulting "cells" from the selection of different input layers should then be joined to the intitial polygon grid.

In the end the grid should contain the info for each of its "cells" if the "cell" overlaps with shapefile 1 and/or shapefile 2 and so on.

Is that possible to do? And if so, how? 😉 Any tipps appreciated.



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Hi Emil,

I would first add fields to your polygon grid (i.e. Shapefile1, Shapefile2, etc).  Then, set up modelbuilder to select the polygon grid's feature that overlap shapefile1 (i.e. via Select Layer by Location).  After the Select  Layer By Location perform a calculation for Shapefile1 field, and calculate this value to Yes.  You can then duplicate this process for each shapefile.

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