Model builder: how to execute a calculation using two derived text files?

11-26-2013 03:13 PM
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Hi there,

I'm working in model builder. I start with a raster input and after a bunch of tasks my outputs are two text file (two Surface Volume result text files). The actual final product I'm trying to get to is a ratio (calculation) between two values, one from each text file (the 3D_Area values).

Does anybody have any tips of how to set up this last step?

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There's not much to go on here.  Can you turn the text files into tables?  The text files would need to be  comma-delimited and have  a header.  If you have a table, you can use the Get Field Value tool (found in the ModelBuilder main menu Insert > Model Only Tools

If your text is free-form and can't be turned into a table, then you'll have to use some Python code to open the files, read thru them, and parse out the numbers.
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Thanks for the advice!
After looking into it I see the text files actually are tables, "Data type: Standalone Table".
I tried Get Field Value but the tables are not options in the drop down list. Only tables that have been previously produced and saved in the database are options.
Any suggestions?
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