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Missing input text box in 'Simplify Polygon'

02-18-2015 07:00 AM
New Contributor

Not sure if this is actually a bug or just something really weird in my installation.


The attached file shows a shapefile of Scotland where I am trying to use the simplify polygon tool, which requires a parameter for the simplification tolerance. The Simplify Polygon tool window does not have an input box for that specific parameter, just the input box label?


Therefore because the simplification tolerance is required (obviously), the tool will not work from the toolbox.


  Using ArcGIS 10.2.2 version:

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The Smooth Polygon tool has a tolerance parameter.

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This is for 10.4 with an Advanced license


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cool... this old thread bubbles forth...

It was reported NIM097058: The 'Simplification Tolerance' option disappears fro.. 

and fixed in arcmap 10.3

That's why my screen shot for 10.4 showed all was right in that version

So there you have it... closure on an ancient problem