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Minimum length & width of irregular polygons

02-13-2013 11:15 AM
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I have had a request to find polygons within our parcel layer a with minimum width of 1000' and length of 1000'. I tried converting polygons to lines, but not all lines are split appropriately, so it did not yield correct results. The majority of our parcels are irregular polygons, so I cannot use the Bounding Box tool. Any suggestions?

Lisa Angstadt
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I believe I had to do something similar recently.  Try this:

If you use the 'minimum bounding rectangles' option, you will be able to get a length and width for every individual polygon.
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I had trouble getting to the previous poster's link so I though I would recommend using Esri's Minimum Bounding Geometry tool.

First I would explode your parcels into single part features and then instead of using a fishnet you could create bounding envelopes around the exploded parcel polygons. 
The shape of the envelope depends on the method selected.  Most of the options output a polygon envelope containing the input feature class attributes and if you check the box "Add geometry characteristics as attributes to output (optional)" the length and width.  You could then do a selection for any that have both an MBG_Width and and an MBG_Length >= 1000'.

Best of luck,

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