Merge dataset problem

11-17-2015 11:00 AM
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I'm trying to merge two datasets of Block Group data using the Merge tool. Most, but not all block groups are the same in both datasets. The file structures of the two datasets are identical. See the attachment for a table showing the two datasets I'm trying to merge (Ten West Low and Ten West Mid) and the resulting table created by the merge (Comb_Ten_Westv2)

In the field map I'm selecting the "first" block group number, and using "sum" for the values I want to add together. I'm trying to get a total of the column named "c000" in Ten West Low and Ten West Mid.

If the same block group number appears in both Ten West Low and Ten West Mid, it appears twice in Comb_Ten_Westv2. (See highlighted records for an example). Also, the numbers in the output dataset are not correct. In the output dataset the input values have been doubled.

Referring to the highlighted example, block group 040139804001019 has a value of 3 under field c000 in Ten West Low, and a value of 7 in Ten West Mid, for a total of 10. In the output dataset, this block group appears twice, once with a value of 6 and once with a value of 14. Isn't the merged result supposed to show each block group number only one time, with the summed result?

What am I doing wrong? Is there another tool or function I should use to get the desired result?

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