Memory RAM in geoprocessing

05-07-2014 04:19 AM
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I´ve a i5 CPU with 16gb of RAM, but when I make a geoprocess the system don´t use all this memory, now I´m doing an intersect for 3 hours and the computer never use more than 3gb of memory
I´ve got installed the 64bits-geoprocessor but never use more than 3-4 gb
Can someone tell me if exists some configuration for the efficiency of the computer

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Esri Contributor
You mention you have 64bit geoprocessing installed. You mean the 64bit background processing install yes?  Are you also running your process in the background? You will have to in order to use the 64bit install and thus take advantage of any additional memory the process may need.  If you are running in the background with the 64bit background geoprocessor it may be that this is all the memory that is required.

If you are able to share your data and case with us I can take a look.  If so, contact me at and I'll send you information on how to get the data and case to us securely.

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