Locate features along routes problem! "Error 9999 - Table is not found"

12-23-2014 11:08 PM
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Hi everybody,

I have a problem with using the linear referencing tool : "Locate features along routes" in ArcMap 10.2 version. The error message is 9999 and it says "The table is not found".

So, I want to ask if someone already had the same problem too.

Is it the problem of ArcMap version?



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I have used this tool repeatedly with 10.2 and never seen that error.  So it is definitely not the version causing the problem.

What kind of table is the event table?  I never recommend using Excel for anything in ArcMap if that is what you are using.  I always convert Excel tables to File geodatabase tables.

Can you screen shot your set up screen for the tool?  How did you assign the tool parameters?  Did you browse for the event source?  Are the route source and event source in your map or being access from disk?  Is this behavior occurring as part of a model or script or just from running the tool directly manually?  Do you have full access rights to the output workspace?  Are there spaces or special characters in the folder or file names?  Sounds like an error creating the output table.  Is that correct?