Layer type is not supported error when analyzing mxd to publish to service

10-26-2010 09:11 AM
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I have created a simple model in model builder to calculate a field based on another fields value. There are 2 parameters, the input layer (a feature class which I have specified as a feature set) and the field name (as a sql expression) that I want to be copied to the target field.

I have added the model to a toolbox and when I add the model to the map document and analyze the mxd with the Map Service Pulishing Toolbar I get the error "Layer type is not supported".

Any ideas?


Barb Patterson
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Dragging the tool into the ToC creates a tool layer. Tool layers are not supported with the fast map server (.msd based services). You can use the tool layer with a simple MXD (that is publish the MXD), but if you want to go the MSD route you'll have to remove the tool layer.
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In the analyze map step, I cannot get the error message "00004: Layer's data source is not supported" to stop appearing.  Every time I fix a layer, the next layer below it in the Table of Contents gives the same error message.
This error message appears for excel files, shape files, layer files, web map services, and even the data frame titled "Layers" is somehow not supported.

The fix is to "Replace the unsupported data source with a supported geodatabase feature class." but I have no idea how to do this.  Is this done in ArcCatalog or ArcMap?  Can someone explain this step by step?  Do I need to do this for every layer?

00032: Standalone table's data source is inaccessible
This is the error listed for the dataframe.

00004: Layer's data source is not supported
This is the error listed for every layer in the map.

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