LAS to Raster in model builder error using surface constraints

03-27-2014 06:34 AM
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I have a model that takes a classified *.LASD file and adds a surface constraint (Soft_clip polygon of survey extent) to the dataset. I wish to create a last return DSM using classification levels 1-8 and turn this into a raster (las dataset to raster). I should also note I also wish to generate a DTM (Class code 2 & 😎 and an intensity image of from the same *.LASD file and surface constraint.

This also needs to be in a workbench that can be distributed to a number of colleagues. It therefore has a workspace parameter (Select your jpegs folder) and the surface constraint is also an input parameter.

When selecting a new surface constraint the shapefile appears in the Add Files to LAS dataset field function however it doesn't appear to transpose this across to the Make LAS Dataset layer function.

The tool executes and looking at the output from the Make LAS dataset function it has added the correct surface constraint shapefile however it is not ticked as active and therefore when the tool creates the raster the soft_clip has not been applied to the dataset.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem or is there anything wrong with my model?

Many Thanks


p.s. I appear to be having an issue with uploading an image of the model
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I find the same thing happening to me in arc gis 10.2.1.  Did you ever get any help on this?

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