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KDE Percent Density Contour

06-18-2020 10:34 AM
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I am trying to develop a percent density contour on a KDE of shark surfacing events, point data, in the Atlantic Ocean. I know this could have been done using Hawths Analysis Tools, or using GEM to create isopleths, however, I am working with ArcGIS Pro. I was wondering if GEM works with pro, as I have only seen that it stops working with ArcGIS 10.3, and/or if there was a way to create the percent density contour in pro without using Hawths Analysis Tools or GEM.



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I have had the exact same question for a while now.  We also used  Hawths Tools and isopleths from the GME, in the same context mentioned, but now those tools are not available, and we are desperately searching for something that works.  It seems like such a strong need for wildlife research and management, I can't believe ESRI doesn't have something comparable.

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