Joining Several Tables to a single Shapefile

11-27-2014 03:53 AM
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Ive got monthly temporal data for over 30 years in tableview format: 360 files (I exporte netcdf to tableview). They all belong to a single grid of points (shapefile) and both the grid and the tables have a join-field by which they can connect together. 


What I want to do is to join each monthly table to the shapefile, export it to a single shapefile, and run the process once again for the rest of the months.




joining 01Jan1980 table to the grid and get: 01Jan1980.shp

joining 01Feb1980 table to the grid and get: 01Feb1980.shp

joining 01Marz1980 table to the grid and get: 01Mar1980.shp

and so on..


How do I run this process automatically??



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If you want to learn how to do it yourself, I have a blog post that will give you the basics of how to put together your own script.  If you can do it once, then you can copy and paste the Results workflow editing the file names as you go.  Might be worth a try  Results to Python Script

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