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Joining points to polygons - spatial join problem

10-13-2011 07:25 AM
New Contributor

I want to join a large(ish) (2271 points to polygons that cover the whole of the UK) data set of points to polygons based on location, so I get the attributes for the polygon that each point falls within in the row of data for each point. I have tried using the Spatial Join toolbox function but while the columns for the polygon attributes appear in the new table, all values are returned as zeros. Can anyone suggest how to fix this, please?

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Esri Regular Contributor
Could you be little more elaborate? For example:

What is the target feature class (polygon or points)
What is the join feature class (polygon or points)
What is the Match Option

You can right-click on Results and copy the result as python snippet and paste it to your forum response also.

Have you run Check Geometry tool on both of your data sets?

Which version of ArcGIS you are using?
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