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12-17-2014 06:10 AM
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I have followed the instructions on the website for how to run an AML file. I have installed Workstation and changed the registry. However when I try to run it, it comes up with the window to choose the program to run the AML. Is there a reason for this? Has anyone else ran into this situation?

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I haven't used ArcInfo Workstation in several years, but when I did I recall having to choose the correct mode.  There are several:

Included with ArcInfo are the following tools:

  • Arc
  • Arcdoc
  • Arcedit
  • Arcplot
  • Arctools
  • Formedit
  • Grid


Arcinfo Workstation |

In terms of choosing which one, it boils down to what the your Arc Macro Language (AML) is trying to accomplish.  For example, if the AML produces a map, use Arcplot.  Many AMLs will also work in ARC:

I'd try ARC as a first step.

The general form to run the aml is this:

Arc:  &r amlname.aml input output

Sorry if this is confusing - it's been a few years and I'm rusty.

Chris Donohue, GISP

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Thanks but I should have clarified better. It is a Windows window asking for an installed program to run AML.

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I have the same issue when trying to run an AML script in ArcGIS Desktop Advanced version 10.1. ESRI's help document suggests creating a toolbox and setting up the AML as a script to run in that toolbox.

I see the same issue - upon running the script, a Windows popup asks me to choose the program to run the AML (default it notebook).

What you mean you installed Workstation? I thought ArcInfo Workstation is now baked into ArcGIS Desktop Advanced.

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No, ArcInfo Workstation is a separate program (and installation). A license for ArcInfo Workstation is included in an ArcGIS Advanced license though.

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