Issue Adding Representations to Feature Classes

08-01-2017 09:37 PM
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I would like to add a representation to ~400 point feature classes I have in four different feature datasets. They are all within the same file geodatabase.

I have tried using the "Add Representation" tool in order to accomplish this, using unique values that are consistent across the feature classes. When I add the representation, the categories show up properly (i.e.., BND, TOP, BOT, PTBOT, based on a field called "Code"). However, whenever I use it, it dumps all the points in the "all other values" category rather than in the appropriate categories.

I have tried this using a rule that I manually applied to one of the feature classes. I have also tried this using a layer file with the appropriate symbology. As I mentioned, it shows the symbology I set up in both cases, but all points are only in the "all other values" category.

Is this not how "Add Representations" works? I must be missing something here, and I would hate to have to do this manually (or have to learn more Python first).

Thank you!

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