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Is there a way to generate line segments on points?

02-03-2020 11:03 PM
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I'm trying to split polygons into ones with a width of 0.1 miles so that a data point is in the center of the polygon. The center data points (in pink) are 0.1 miles apart from each other. To do this, I created a center line and then generated points along that line every 0.05 miles (yellow points). These are my markers to know where to split the polygon for the segments to be 0.1 miles wide.

I tried using Divide (I'm in ArcGIS Pro), which lets you split a polygon by area, proportion and width. In the image below it shows that it works fine if the polygon forms a straight edge similar to what would you see as roads. I'm dealing with river channels that have irregular shapes, so I have to constantly fix the angle of the split. 

At this point, my technique of splitting the polygon manually by using the yellow point as an anchor is faster than going through the divide menu every time I have fix the angle of the line. The area is way larger than what the figure shows, so it is taking me too long!

Anybody know of a magical python code to batch split the polygon, or a way to generate lines on the yellow points? At this point I could use the split along line tool. All suggestions are welcome!


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Interesting problem, some potential thoughts since you seem to have polygon centerline.

  • densify the polyline at your desired distance-along
  • feature vertices to points
  • split at points 
  • square end buffer the segments and intersect those with your polygon representation of the channel

or from the points along the centerline, create transect lines at the desired distance spacing

and use those to split the polygon

Generate Transects Along Lines—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 

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