Intersect-like tool to split fiber

01-14-2017 02:51 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am looking for a tool that is very similar to the Intersect tool, but I need for it to not remove the portions of features that do not fall within the intersecting layer. 

For instance, I am running a report on fiber footage that is contained within multiple municipal jurisdictions.  The intersect tool does exactly what I need it to do by splitting the fiber features whenever they cross over a municipal polygon boundary.  I can then run summary statistics to get the sum of all fiber within each municipality.  The problem is that some of the fiber falls outside of any municipality, thus getting removed from the intersect output altogether. 


All black lines shown in the white space below get removed from the output when I run the intersect tool. 

Is there a tool that does exactly or near what the Intersect tool does, but doesn't remove any of the data?  I would really like for the output to simply have a line with a blank municipality for instances where fiber falls outside of any municipality. 

If there is no other tool specifically, is there another workaround workflow that would achieve what I am needed?  I just need to split the lines where they meet a boundary, and then sum up the total for each polygon.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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