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Intersect Failed to Execute

05-16-2012 09:45 AM
New Contributor
I am new to GIS and attempting to run an Intersect between point shapefiles.  My goal is to join the tables of the two datasets so as to regress them.  One shapefile is the biodiversity of certain families of reptiles, the other is certain climatic parameters.  They do not share the same number of points, but overlap perfectly and amount to over 14 million points each.  I would like to use Intersect because it would eliminate points that do not overlap and combine the tables.  Spatial Join, my first option, is taking an unfeasible amount of time to accomplish so I am hoping an Intersect will work.  Here's the problem I get:

Using a PC with 4GB memory:
Start Time: Wed May 16 12:37:52 2012
Reading Features...
ERROR 999999: Error executing function.
Invalid Topology [Cfile write error.]
Failed to execute (Intersect).
Failed at Wed May 16 13:01:32 2012 (Elapsed Time: 23 minutes 40 seconds)

Any suggestions?  Thanks,
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