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Interesting results from the analysis -clip tool

10-07-2011 09:23 AM
Occasional Contributor III
I have a USA nationwide dataset of wetland polygons and a local polygon layer of parcel.
The CONUS wetlands use NAD_1983_Albers, and the parcels use Wa SP N NAD83.  Both feature classes use single part geometries.
A GIS user (on an older desktop running XP with 1 GB RAM) tried to clip the wetlands to the parcels and got an error message that no polygons were retured.  I tried the same tool on my Windows 7 8GB computer (thinking this was a memory issue) and the tool returned a copy of the CONUS wetlands. ?!
I manually selected  out the CONUS wetlands for my study area and created a new shapefile from that selection, re-ran the clip tool, and everything works fine.  No projections were altered in this process.
Any thoughts on why this would happen are appreciated.
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