Integration of GPS-camera into system

11-19-2011 06:52 AM
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there is a new project for me. First I want to describe what I want to do, maybe someone can give me some useful information or tipps for python code.

That's what I have:

- Access based Database with an ID-field, where each report is recorded based through a form. So each report gets a specific ID.
- GPS-camera with the possibility to write memos (hopefully my ID-field for joining)
- The GPS-camera has software which is directly usable in ArcGIS. Everytime you plug the camera in, the pictures with the attribute information is loaded into a geodatabase, where the pictures are stored

That's what I want to do:

- There are about 6 cameras. So I need to give specific IDs to the different cameras
- Every evening I'll get the cameras into my office an plug them on to my computer. So I want to load the pictures into the geodatabase.
- Now I want to have a function that creates a connection between the access-table and the geodatabase. I want to refresh it through a button.

Does anybody have an idea how to do this?

Another question: Does ArcGIS refresh the database connection to the access database every time it starts? Is there a way to do it manually per button?

Thanks in advance for help!!

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- Can you plug in all six cameras at once or is it one at a time?
- Do the cameras generate unique file names for the images? For example Could IMG_0001.jpg be generated from two different cameras? And if so could you change the naming convention on the camera?
- Are the images 'in' the geodatabase or is it a table/fc in the gdb with a link to the images on the disk?
- Do you want the images to be 'in' your access database or is it ok for them to be files in a folder?

You could write a script that updates the MDB with data from the photo database, and you could have that run on a schedule, so for example you set everything up and then every night when you leave it runs automatically.

I think the database connection would be updated when ArcGIS starts, but that's the database connection in ArcCatalog. Best way to figure that out is to try it.
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- I have to plugin each camera separately
- There is a software which loads the files directly into a geodatabase
- The camera has a memo function so that I am able to write an "ID" after making the picture. This ID is written directly into the geodatabase as an attribute.
- Through this ID it is possible to create a join with the access database

Now I need a button that allows ist to refresh the connection between the picture database and the access database. I do not want to start ArcGIS every time I want to refresh the connection. Do you now how to Write this with python?

Thanks for your help!
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