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Including Feature Service in geoprocessing task

07-11-2013 07:18 AM
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I have successfully published a feature service task, providing 3 feature classes (2 point layers and 1 polyline layers). And I access the service from an JavaScript Web application. I would like to use the polyline feature class in an additional geoprocessing task. By creating the geoprocessing model in the modelbuilder, i select the desired polyline-feature class, from a database connection at the "Database Connections" folder. After publishing the geoprocessing task, i get the following error message: "The value does not exist. ERROR 000732: Input Features: Dataset Database Connections\Connection to servername.sde\feature_class_name does not exist or is not supported"

I guess that's because publishing the geoprocessing task doesn't include the connection to the database server?? how can a feature service be included to the geoprocessing task?

The work around of loading the feature class, by the web application, and sending it to the geoprocessing task, generates of cours hugh transfer data.

best regards from germany,
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Hi Tom,

I struggled with this too and I found that you don't add the feature service but the connection to the feature class that will be used in the feature service, that also will be used in the geoprocessing.
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I fixed a similar problem I had by re-reading the help article below and modifying the way in which I had the gp service accessing the raster data layer I was using. I moved the sde database connection file to a location where the SOC user had read permissions and used UNC path naming. This seemed to resolve the error 000732 message i was getting and the service worked.

Hope that helps,
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Can you share the code snippet? Thank you!
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