Impossible to download the predictive analysis tool

11-26-2018 08:34 AM
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I'm trying to download the predictive analysis tool for Arcgis Desktop ( I need it for a university thesis) but i can not do that from the esri link below:

Esri Downloads 

Indeed, when i try to download the arcgis desktop version, it appears this page:

Esri Accounts 

"file or directory /storage/apps/downloads/software/arcgis 102 desktop/ not exist"

Could I get another way to download that tool?



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It appears to be working at the moment.  I was able to download it.

EDIT:  Scratch that - I just realized I downloaded the 9.3.1 file.  The 10.2 file does not want to download.

Some ideas as to why this did not work:

  • Maybe the server was down earlier?  I would consider contacting ESRI Support and see if they have any insight.
  • Maybe the Internet Browser used is a potential issue?  I tried Firefox, but there may be a specific browser that is needed.
  • Lastly, there may be security constraints in place by your organization that may be not be obvious that are limiting it.

Chris Donohue, GISP

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First of all, thank you for the answering.

I have already contacted the ESRI support but they did not answered me.

I tried with other browsers (chrome, firefox, edge) and the result is the same.

I tried to download at home too. Nothing.

At this point my only way is to contact the support until they answer me.

Thank you again


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