How to use ArcGIS Pro Model Builder to iterate through folders and create a mosaic?

06-02-2021 11:04 AM
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I am trying to create one mosaic from every month of the year. I have 3 folders with raster files for each month. So I have been trying to create 12 different mosaics from these files without success. I have tried to use almost every single iteration in the Model Builder. I am able to do it manually by choosing the 3 different rasters and using the "Mosaic to new raster" tool.

Example of files:

folder 1 = jan_raster, feb_raster, apr_raster...
folder 2 = jan_raster, feb_raster, apr_raster...
folder 3 = jan_raster, feb_raster, apr_raster...

What I want:

jan_raster + jan_raster + jan_raster
feb_raster + feb_raster + feb_raster

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Have you checked on the Recursive option in Iterate Rasters before running the model?

You also need to go one level up the folders containing the rasters.



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