how to evaluate location of public equipment

11-29-2013 01:03 AM
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I have 2 shapefiles: (1) AreaSC.Shp = census tracts with atribute table containing population over 65 years old for each tracts; (2) Buildings.shp = public equipment for elderly people over 65
Task: I need to evaluate if the buildings are in strategic location in order to assist people over 65.
What I did:
1- Added new column on buildings ??? RECNO ??? to make operations easier;
2- Mada a buffer of 2km around buildings;
3- Made a clip of AreaSC with the buffer;
4- Calculated área for each peace of buffer and also calculated % related to respective census tract;
5- This % was used to estimate population over 65 for each clip area;
6- Made spatial join with clip with building so that I know to which buildings belongs the each clip area through RECNO;
After summarizing attribute table of result of spatial join, I would be able to evaluate how many people over 65 each building addresses. But???. Many buildings are close to each other and  the buffer area overlaps. This is the problem to evaluate each building.
I would appreciate very much if someone can give some clue or new idea to perform the task of evaluating the location of buildings related to the people over 65? Maybe some completely different approach to do so???Thank you!!
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