How to draw perpendicular transects starting in a pre-defined point

06-24-2020 12:40 AM
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Hi, I'm pretty new to ArcGIS and I have an issue that I'm trying to solve for several days now. 

I have transect points along the Dutch coastline set 500 m apart. They indicate whether the coast is sandy or non-sandy at each point. 

Based on the position of these points I now want to draw transects that reach, perpendicular to the coastline, 5 km inland. 

Can anyone point in the right direction on how to solve this issue? 

Thanks in advance 

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I briefly experimented with creating a line from the transect points and running a buffer to the inland.

In-between the curve vertices would be your likely end-point of a line from the transect point.

to automate this I would probably manually turn that buffer into a line, and snip it at the top and bottom, then delete the left-hand-side.

You could then possibly work out what vertices you want e.g. turn every other vertex into a point then create a line from there to the transect point.

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