How to deal with large dataset in ArcGIS when geocode using long/lat?

05-19-2019 05:56 PM
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I am doing a very simple tasks: I have data with long\lat information and I am using Display X/Y data in ArcMap to display them first in ArcMap, then export it to a geodatabase as a feature class. The problem is the data is huge for me: 7 millions records with about 20 fields. It takes me about 3 days to complete the task of display X/Y data, then when I tried to export the displayed X/Y data, it crashed so far as I tried. I wonder how I should deal with big data in ArcGIS?

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Is the data in an Esri format?

ie if you are using an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file

Use a tool like Excel to Table  (or Table to table - if CSV) and convert the Excel Spreadsheet (into a Esri Geodatabase Table

Once you have done this you could (depending on your data set) use a tool like Split by attributes to make the data more manageable.

Once it is in an Esri Format As an alternative, you can use the Catalog window to select the table that contains the x,y columns and create a feature class.

Creating a feature class from x,y data in the Catalog window