How to calculate the nearest point?

04-17-2018 04:54 AM
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I am using ArcGIS 10.3.1. I have two layers: buildings (points) and plots (polygons). I need to calculate how close are the building one to another. I used the function "Point Density" and it gave me all the distances from one building to all other buildings. I need only the distance from each building to the nearest building. I tried to use the tool Near but it calculates only 0 when I indicate the buildings as the Input feature and Near feature. What are other possible solutions?

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Use Near as Table but specify Closest as 'ALL' and 'closest_count' as some number other than 1 because the closest will obviously be itself so if you want the next closest, then specify 2.

I am moving this to Geoprocessing since Spatial Analyst is for raster data