How to calculate the head drop along the river automatically in ArcGIS?

04-12-2014 12:37 PM
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Dear sir ,

I am calculating the hydropower potential of a large river basin. I have already had the hydrological modeling of the large (53000 km2) river basin and also I have DEM of the basin and river network. I am trying to calculate the cascade of hydropower potential along the river network. I want to start at any downstream point of a river (for hydropower station) and move upstream along the river in such a way that the head drop between the initially start point and final point would be greater than or equal to 10 m. When the head drop is more than or equal 10 m, I would like to move 1000 m upstream for next hydropower station assuming this as the second point for hydropower station. From this second start point I want to move upstream such that the head drop would be greater than or equal to 10 m. Likewise I would like to repeat along the whole river network till the end of river.

I could not work out it. Please help me  how can I do it automatically and manually as well. As my river basin is very large (53000 square kilometer) , I want to do it automatically in ArcGIS.

I would like to have your valuable suggestion and hint so that I can proceed my research work.

I would like to thank you all in advance.

Iswor Bajracharya
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