How do you convert polygons to multiple rasters in model builder?

07-07-2011 01:35 PM
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I am attempting to build a process model in model builder and keep getting stuck at a point where I need to convert vector data to raster. Model builder wants to take all of my overlapping polygons and create a single grid. I thought I would be able to use an iterative process in Model Builder to cycle the process through each of the 100+ records (polygons) in my original feature class, but have not been able to do this.

so the question is:

How do I convert a set of polygons to multiple raster files where each polygon results in a single raster?


How can I systematically process only one record at a time?
(e.g. run the polygon to raster tool on the first record in a feature class, produce an output grid, and then proceed to the second record etc.)


ArcINFO 9.3.1
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I would add a field to the polygon feature class and populate in with an incremental number 0 to whatever.  Then use either the "Select" or "Select Layer by Attribute" tool as your first process to select the feature whose number is equal to variable %n% which represents the number of iterations that your model is going through (keep in mind %n% starts at 0 not 1).
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I have to same issue and I'm not sure until now you can find the solution or not. If you know how to solve this problem, could you please share with me?

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Vannareth, this is FAR easier in ModelBuilder at 10x/Pro, which supports iterator tools.

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