How do I join an excel spreadsheet to a map in ArcMAP?

02-11-2015 10:43 AM
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I have an excel spreadsheet with countries and three columns of data associated to the countries. How do I join the excel spreadsheet to the map so that all the data for each country is there?

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Hey Erica,

you would need a country feature. Then there needs to be a column in the Country feature that contains each countries name, which has to exactly match with your country names in your spreadsheet.

If you have all this you should be able to add that table to your country feature class.

This might help you with the joining part of your task: Using ArcMap 10 to join Excel data with a shapefile - YouTube


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Without actually seeing actual Arcmap here:

Add dataset containing countries (from example data if you don't have it otherwise) and import excel sheet to arcmap as attribute table. Right click country feature and select join, select to join to excel table on country name, fill rest of the things and click ok.  Then do whatever you want to symbolize the attributes as they are now part of the feature data.

Does this help?

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