How do I clip a .lyr file?

12-10-2013 06:44 AM
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I have a .lyr file (it's an inverse distance weighting using the Geostatistical Wizard) that is laid over a .shp of a map of the US.  I would like to clip the .lyr file to the map of the US, but when I try the clip tool says that the .lyr file is not a feature layer (and that it is not the correct input parameter).  Does anyone know of a way to either convert the .lyr to a .shp (right-clicking in the TOC and trying to export the data does not work as has been suggested in other threads) or to just clip the .lyr?  I'm running ArcGIS 10.1.  Thanks!
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The lyr file just points to a shape file. You need to edit the latter then save it as a lyr (if that's what you need).
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do steps 15-21 in Exercise 1 of the Geostatistical Analyst tutorial.

or you can convert the geostatistical layer to a polygon feature class. Right click on the layer and choose Data.>Export to contour and pick filled contours.

or run the GALayerToContour geoprocessing tool.

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