How can I catch a return Value from “Calculate Value” to start another Tool in ArcGis Model builder?

04-08-2016 12:39 PM
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Hey I have troubles with If/else statements in ArcGis Modelbulider. I have imported TauDEM Toolbox to work with D-infinity algorythm. Since D-Infinity only works with .tif raster files

I wanted to check first if the input raster is an .tif raster. After checking i want to start either D-infinity if the return value is true. If its not i want to convert it.

For that i tried to use the "Calculate Value" Tool with that code




    def check_if_Tiff(DGM):

    import arcpy

    desc = arcpy.Describe(DGM)

    type = desc.format

    if type == "TIFF":

        return "true"


        return "false"

so far so good but i dont know how to catch the return values to use them in another tool. I also dont understand what for is the tool "Merge Branch" cause i only get one return value

I read this documentation but i cant completely follow it. Do I have to do this with an python script or is there a way

like I am trying?

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Rather than going to great lengths to check for all possible things that can go wrong, or provide options as you go, wouldn't it be easier to

  • ensure that the output from one section to the other is the required type by setting it as the output default
  • if certain requirements are required at the start of the process do the limit checking script there

This might make the flow easier

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ModelBuilder doesn't provide a functionality to implement if-then-else logic out of the box. You would have to leverage python to implement this, but there are several approaches you can take. Try taking a look at the following page to see if this may be easier for you to implement.

Using If-Then-Else logic for branching—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop