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07-12-2012 09:48 AM
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I'm just learning to automate processes in Modelbuilder.  I'm a GIS analyst with a property valuation department in a large county in the midwest. We're working on a long-term project that's going to involve many complex steps across multiple departments. To keep track and efficiently make the changes that will be needed on my part, I want to use Modelbuilder.  The project involves creating 157 different maps of market areas within our county.  The goal is to establish more realistic areas for mass-property valuation.  Each map needs several new layers; ie, submarket boundaries, neighborhoods within each submarket,  residential parcel polygons, and parcel points of same -and symbology for each layer. I've created the base files and the symbologies for each layer, and have built a successful model that works through each process I need.  However, once the model has run, the new layers don't show up in my map. Or, if they do, they don't have the symbology and I have to manually apply it for each layer, each map.  The files are actually created and saved to a geodatabase which I can access through arc catalog.  (My model will include the creation of a new gdb for each submarket).  I think I'm missing a very fundamental step to get the files to show up in the maps.  if anyone can help me, I can give you more details as to how I'm approaching this if needed.  Thanks.
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Right click on an output (usually represented by the oval shape) and check 'Add To Display' and then run the model. See if this works.
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