Heatmap generated by Kernel Density on ArcGIS Server cannot be displayed in browser

02-21-2014 06:57 AM
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I built a heatmap geoprocessing model using Kernel Density tool. The heatmap can be generated and displayed properly in ArcGIS Desktop, but after the model is published to ArcGIS Server, I cannot get the heatmap displayed in browser with JavaScript API.

In Firefox browser, I got this error message:

NetworkError: 400 Bad Request - http://<hostname>:6080/arcgis/rest/services/ISViewer/IncidentsHeatmap/GPServer/IncidentsHeatmap/jobs/j1a182c829970430d9f929e7709c89175/results/IncidentsKernelDensity?dpi=96&transparent=true&format=png8&f=image&bbox=%7B%22xmin%22%3A-10453738.292540636%2C%22ymin%22%3A4255619.08888287%2C%22xmax%22%3A-7797398.685574897%2C%22ymax%22%3A5121497.745297116%2C%22spatialReference%22%3A%7B%22wkid%22%3A102100%7D%7D&bboxSR=102100&imageSR=102100&size=1086%2C354

When I tried the URL above in browser directly, I got this message:

  Error: Output format not supported.
  Code: 400

Could you tell me how to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance!
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