Grouping points based in quantity of them

10-27-2016 07:07 AM
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Hello everyone,

I want to ask how to do this idea.

I have a layer with a undetermined quantity of points that i want to group with a ration of 20 points per :1 group. I dont mind the group qtty, i just mind the qtty of points that each group will have.

Is there a way to make this, even with a geoprocessing tool of a geoprocessing scheme that i need to follow? 

Thanks in advice for all the help

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you can use Aggregate Points—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop  to produce the clusters to be used in point selection... but no tool is going to do everything you want without a defined methodology and sometimes a brute force approach.  You will have to simplify, relax your requirements or provide a defined rule set that can be implemented in code.  Should this be a one off, then use existing tools that get you close, then manually reportion the groups to meet your needs in a manual edit session

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