GPX to Feature is not enough

08-22-2011 06:02 PM
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GPX to Feature tool only convert point data (both way-point and track-point).
Users have to convert tracks(routes) line feature by themselves.

But, KML to layer tool convert KML file as layer file, which draws features based on their schema of point, line or polygon, while maintaining the original KML symbology.

Also, ArcGIS online support adding GPX files and display as Waypoints, Tracks, Routes.
Since ArcGIS is a system, why is there a different between ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Desktop?

So, we prefer GPX to Layer tool instead of GPX to Feature tool.

And, there is an ArcScript tool "Convert GPS Files (KML, GPX) to Shapefiles".
User can specify output feature type. (ex. point only, no line.)

So, can we have another two new tool which can convert KML or GPX files that only output the specify feature type?

Users would LOVE ArcGIS to support both KML and GPX file, but these tools comes too late in ArcToolbox.
I think that is the reason why you didn't get much applause during UC 2011 top 10 countdown.

Xien Chen, ESRI Distributor @ Taiwan
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