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07-15-2014 10:57 AM
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I have multiple script tools in Python that I published in ArcGIS Server like clip, merge etc., The requirement for one tool is 'an user can clip point with polygon, or line with polygon or polygon with polygon'. This tool works without any issue in ArcMap. But when executing the service in Arcmap the output symbology has a problem. For example, I am clipping points with polygon feature class, the tool runs successfully and an output point feature class is created. Using this result, I published that result as a geoprocessing service. When I am executing this service in Arcmap, if I give any polygon feature class as input and any polygon feature class as clip features the service runs successfully and creates a polygon feature class. But, the symbology is set to point for this output and hence displays points as output. When this output data is exported to a new feature class, the symbology changes to polygon and looks fine.


This is the case with other script tools that when I am publishing it as a geoprocessing service.


Note: I tried this with default clip_analysis tool available in Arcmap. This default tool also behaves the same way as my script tool.


Has it got something to do with any property settings that I am setting wrongly when I am publishing a service?




Vijayaprabha R

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