Geoprocessing scheduler failing

03-17-2021 07:31 AM
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I created a model that runs fine when I tell it to.  I set it up to automatically run nightly via the scheduler feature in ArcPro.  It fails every time and doesn't provide any errors or info.


I have successfully used the scheduler to run a geoprocessing tool nightly for quite some time.

Anybody have a similar experience?  The model that is failing to run via the scheduler starts out with a script.  Could this be part of the problem?


I'm using Pro 2.6.3






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It will be very hard to say without seeing at least part of the script / model, but I think it's safe to say there's something in how you've written your script that isn't being handled properly in the standalone script.

What that might be can vary quite a bit. Please share your code if you can.

Barring that, I'd add some messages to your script so that you can get a better sense of where and perhaps why it's failing.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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The model is pretty basic



Here is the code from the script tool


from urllib.request import urlopen
from zipfile import ZipFile

# Path to Oil Gas Locations - Conventional
zipurl = ""

# Download the file from the URL
zipresp = urlopen(zipurl)

# Create a new file on the hard drive
tempzip = open(r"G:\jbrand\ArcPro Projects\Current Operator Cleanup\PADEP_Master_Wells\", "wb")

# Write the contents of the downloaded file into the new file

# Close the newly-created file

# Re-open the newly-created file with ZipFile()
zf = ZipFile(r"G:\jbrand\ArcPro Projects\Current Operator Cleanup\PADEP_Master_Wells\")

# Extract its contents into <extraction_path>
# note that extractall will automatically create the path
zf.extractall(path=r"G:\jbrand\ArcPro Projects\Current Operator Cleanup\PADEP_Master_Wells")

# close the ZipFile instance
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