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Geoprocessing - Managing database connections

12-13-2016 11:32 PM
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I need expert guidance on effectively managing the connections to an Enterprise Geodatabase residing in Oracle database in 12C. However the lack of support for events - Initialise(), Startup(), Shutdown() - in geoprocessing makes the task of managing connections to geodatabase more difficult.


I need to setup a Geoprocessing service (Standard scripting) in 10.4.1 ArcGIS Server that needs to connect to a Oracle 12c Ent Spatial database to query multiple featureclasses to generate an Excel report of the assets participating in a water utilities network trace. Every time a trace is executed it identifies close to 1000 features from just one single featureclass. The total number of assets getting selected varies from few hundreds to several thousands ( <30,000).

We have written queries that directly query the underlying spatial tables using SQLs that we trigger from Geoprocessing service . Everytime a geoprocessing service runs it is obtaining a fresh connection to the oracle geodatabase and executes the task. Ideally i like to make use of connection pooling and use the same. I like to know whether anyone had used cx_oracle package to enable connection pooling. Would appreciate any directives on how the connection pooling has been enabled .

I understand that ESRI has given a strong guidance for developers to adopt Python toolkit for geoprocessing.  Can the init() event in Python toolkit be used for initialising connections to database?

Any guidance would be appreciated.



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Hi Govindarajan,

I have some similar problem. Could you please let me know how are you sending DB connection details as inputs to the GP Service?

Thanks in advance!

With Regards,

Vara Prasad.

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