Geometric Network - Primary/Secondary Conductors

10-13-2014 11:29 AM
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Hello All,


I am working on a GN and have successfully completed it.  My issue arises with the data edits I had to do for this to work properly.  In the particular GN I am working on there are Primary conductors and Secondary conductors running on the same poles, sharing the same junctions.  To remedy this I had to separate them as if they were running on two different parallel sets of poles.  While this works, I was wondering if there is a way that they can share the same junctions (the poles are not actually in the GN) but I will not get 'LOOPS' and contradicting FLOW.  I know that in a GM features can not share the same x, y; so I was thinking maybe I could set the Secondary lines with some sort of z-value.  I also have the connectivity set so that Primary lines CAN NOT connect to secondary lines unless there is a Transformer.


Would it work if I DID put Poles in the GN so the Primary and Secondary lines can snap to these poles, but a Primary Line CAN NOT snap to a Secondary line with Poles, just Transformers and Junctions, of which there wont be any where poles are?




Also, we have sever al Meter boxes that contain multiple meters...  Any suggestions on how to incorporate these without having to manually string them together with service leads...?

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