Generating Overviews for Raster Mosaic Dataset of Geotiff Images

10-30-2019 07:19 AM
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My org has created a dozen Raster Mosaic Datasets (RMDs) in the past using either jpeg or tif images whose sizes on disk was never over 70 GB.  The processing of the overviews for the RMDs was done over the network using various versions of ArcMap (10.0 through 10.5.1) and never took more than 15 minutes.  My org has now been given a set of geotiffs that are about 600 GB in size.  One question I have is why a geotiff is so much larger than a jpeg or tif if the image quality is about the same?

We started processing the overviews on a desktop machine, but found it was going to take over 20 hours.  We then tried to process the overviews on a Windows Server 2016 server, but the process was still going to take 10 hours which still seems way too long compared to processing that has been done in the past on a non-Windows Server machine.

Could it be that the network is the issue here and the imagery itself should be copied to the Windows Server 2016 machine so the overviews can be processed locally on the server as the I/O over the network is a bottleneck for this image processing?

Any assistance with this task would be greatly appreciated.

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