From a 1-M Relationship, is it possible to generate a new feature class?

02-28-2019 03:07 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am currently struggling with modeling a 1-Many relationship between a polygon feature class and a table.  The table represents the current tax roll as provided by a tax roll department of a property appraiser office (PAO), which currently has a record count of ~275000.  This table has an attribute field called shapeID which is of type [numeric] (38, 😎. that references a polygon in a parcel shapefile created by the GIS department of a PAO. The record count of the parcel layer is ~190000.  This parcel layer has one attribute shapeID of type [numeric] (38, 😎 along with the geometry field. Assuming that all 275K tax roll items have a correctly referenced geometry, shapeID, my goal is to create a tax roll polygon feature class with a count of 275K. 

Realistically, I’m NOT expecting all 275K tax roll items will have a valid shapeID that correctly referencing a parcel polygon, which is fine.  I’m expecting the GIS Department is not going to be able to keep up with the tax roll department. I’m also expecting stacked parcel polygons to represent multi-residential buildings, where there are many owned units that would reference the same geometry. Apartment buildings and condominiums are examples of this multi-residential scenario.

I really wish I could just add a shape field to my tax roll table and do a simple update like below.  It works fine via SSMS and takes about 4 minutes to push the geometry from the parcel layer into the tax roll table.  But, life is not so easy… 

-- Create new Shape (Geometry) field and populate via an update statement

       alter table taxroll add [Shape] [geometry] NULL;

-- Update the field via join

       update a.[shape] = PARCEL_Layer.Shape

       FROM taxroll a INNER JOIN

              PARCEL_Layer b ON a.shapeid = b.shapeid   

Any suggestions on how I might create a 275K tax roll feature class using ArcPro 2.3 in approximately 5 minutes.  I don’t have a big window of time to automate the creation of this tax roll feature class.

So far, I’ve automated via a SQL agent job, a PAO download of all the necessary files and performed various operations to get a parcel feature class and taxroll table in a SQL server 2012-geodatabase.  Now I’m struggling with relating the tax roll to its geometry so I can present current parcel record information on a map.  Any suggestions?

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